Hitachi, Ltd. located in Japan, Tokyo, belongs to world's leading companies in line of electronics. The company produces and sells variety of products including computers, semiconductors, consumer products and powerful devices for boring, grinding and cutting in ranges which requires to compare with extremely load.

The company Hitachi was founded by Namihei Odaira in year 1910 and his first product was electromotor with output of 5 horsepowers. In year 1924 Hitachi started to produce electric locomotives, in year 1932 even fridges and lifts and then followed turbines, electron microscopes, power plants, cabled distributions, semiconductors etc. In year 1981 the production of colourful CRT displays and supercomputers was started up. Eight years after Hitachi introduced the first computer constructed on superconductors.

The philosophy of company

Since its founding in 1910, Hitachi has acted from a corporate philosophy of contributing to society through technology. In the intervening years, the world and society have changed greatly, but we have never lost our pioneering spirit, based on the principles of harmony and sincerity.

Now, global change is becoming ever more dynamic. Our corporate statement "Inspire the Next" is a declaration of our vow that the Hitachi brand will continue to meet the expectations of our customers and society in this age of information, knowledge and the empowered consumer. This statement embodies Hitachi's commitment to continue to inspire coming generations with the latest products, systems and services, for a more vibrant society. It is also an expression of our strong commitment to boldly face whatever new challenges the times bring us: whatever comes "Next."

Hitachi logo
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