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The company was founded by Emiliano Generali in 1954 and was originally named CEB (Bolognese Electromechanic Constructions). The first product lines established by the Company were battery chargers and coated electrode welding machines. In 1958, an industrial castors division, ORA (Wheels and Accessories Shop) began producing and trading castors for the industrial and the home and office furnishing sectors. The two divisions were merged in 1963 giving rise to the present day company, CEBORA. At this time the group employed 40 people and the annual sales turnover was Italian lira.

Later, a sheet metal pressing plant was added to the gruop thus giving Cebora the ability to fabricate its own metal cases and cabinets for its welding machines and battery chargers.

Cebora's expansion continued throughout the 1960's and the 1970's and at the beginning of the 1980's a new plant was built on a 50.000 square meters site in Cadriano di Granarolo (Bologna).

Presently, both the production and the administrative functions are carried out at this site. The sheet metal pressing plant has also recently been modernized. In 1995 a new building has been added to the Cadriano plant, bringing its total surface to 52.000 square mt.

The two divisions: Welding and industrial Castors, have a full organisational and operational independence. The group's euity capital is worth Euros 2.632.930 and group employment totals 200 people with an annual sales turnover of about 40 millions of Euros of which 70% is generated by exports.

  • TIG inverters
  • Plasma weld
  • DC MMA inverters
  • Plasma cutting
  • Plasma torching

Fronius Fronius logo


The company Fronius was set up in 1945, when Mr. Günter Kurt Fronius has established a company for electrotechnics and its first products were transformers and battery chargers. After a successful start the next expansion was fastened to the welding branch, mainly to technic of semiconductor transducers.

Nowadays MIG/MAG and WIG/TIG welding sources with its own edicts and accessories, cooperating with robots, are the result of longlasting endeavour.

Today the seat of the company is in Wels in upper Austria and the company employs about 700 employees. For produce there is area of 36 000 m2 available. Some of their products cover up to 65% of Austria market. Also abroad has the company very good name. 70% of produce for export is a proof and the tendency is rising.

  • WIG
  • Welding by covered electrode
  • Plasma
  • Laser

Esab Esab logo


ESAB's foundations were laid by an inventive technician's solution to a practical problem. The inventor was Oscar Kjellberg and what he invented was the covered welding electrode. Even today tens of thousands of welders encounter his initials in the form of an OK on the welding consumables they use. In 1904, Oscar submitted a hand written patent application, which described his unique invention.

The ESAB group is owned by Charter plc. In 2007, total sales were L970.8 million and we employed more than 7,800 persons worldwide. Over 100 years after the company was founded, ESAB serves a global market worth around ten billion dollars each year. The group is organised in the regions Europe, North America*, South America, Asia/Pacific and India. ESAB is represented in almost every country by subsidiaries or agents. Sales and support is established in 80 countries and there are 26 manufacturing plants across four continents.

The brand is synonymous with world leading expertise in the following key areas:

* Manual welding and cutting equipment
* Welding consumables
* Welding automation
* Cutting systems

For each discipline, continuous development of methods, materials and know-how is being directed to meet the challenges posed by a diversity of industry sectors. ESAB is organised to deliver efficient, high-productivity solutions to meet their requirements in a manner that exceeds their expectations.

  • Welding by TIG method
  • Plasma cutting
  • Welding by MMA method
  • Gas cutting

Kühtreiber Kühtreiber logo


Company Kühtreiber Ltd. was founded in 1998 as a family company which has been dealing with development, production and selling of welding machines including attachments for welding since the very beginning.

The development and construction department of Company Kuhtreiber ltd. Makes great efforts to satisfy and comply with requirements of particular customers and whole market within the Czech Republic and foreign countries. Great emphasis during development and construction of new machines is put on reliability, welding qualities, highest possible equipment and easy control.

Staff of development department of Company Kuhtreiber ltd. have developed and the company produces at present more than 25 types and variants of welding machines KIT by methods MIG/MAG and more than 15 types of inverter machines KITin for welding by MMA and TIG methods.

  • MMA inverters
  • IG/WIG/MMA DC invertors with HF touchless) start, pulse and function CYCLE
  • MIG/MAG welding machines - halfautomatic machines with analogous, half-automatic and synergic control
  • Wire feeders
  • Water cooling of welding torch

Alfa In Alfa In logo

Alfa In

ALFA IN a.s. was established at the beginning of 1998 by the company management together with ENVINET a.s. company, which is engaged in the development of control systems especially for power engineering. As early as in 1998 we have become the biggest Czech manufacturer of welding equipment. Based on recommendation of the company management the shareholders sold 20% stake to the Italian high-tech producer of welding equipment, WECO srl, at the beginning of 2000. ALFA IN a.s. moved into a brand new factory plant located in industrial park Nova Ves in the year 2002.

  • MMA/TIG, TIG AC/DC, welding inverters
  • Plasma
  • Orbital welding
  • Power generators
  • Special welding and accessory
  • Used machines, feeders, cooling units, other accessories

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