Brand TOPTUL is a member of the american-taiwaneese concern ROTAR group, established in May 1981 after previous effort to ease and improve process of work, user´s comfort and expediency actual hand tools.

Company TOPTUL offers to their customers proffesional tools with the top design, robust construction, durability and safety of their users.

Products of the brand TOPTUL are widely used brand of the professional hand tools in the different lines of business such as: automotive field, support engineering, aerospace field, space industry,heavy mechanics and in the all fields of machinery industry.

Program of the company TOPTUL is specialized in quality and timeless design of professional tools, which is every day checked by experts and proffesionals in their lines of business.

The exclusive importer for the Czech Republic is the company RKM servis s.r.o.

Toptul logo
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RKM servis s.r.o.
Na Jánské 56/1869
710 00 Slezská Ostrava

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