In Czech and Slovak Republic is the brand VIRAX represented by company RKM servis s.r.o.

Brand Virax is a synonym for quality and sophisticated design for proffesional tools.

Virax was formed in France on the 8th of February 1920 from association of Alfred Lang and André Métivier, worldwide recognized constructers.

Brand Virax comes from french name Vire autour de l’Axe, what after translation means Turns around the Axis-threader.

1953 Virax the broadly used brand of proffesional tools for plumbers in over 42 countries in world-wide.

1962 location Epernay (Marne departement) was chosen as the site for the new production plant.

1981 Virax becomes part of the FACOM group, company enlarged their assortement by proffesional hand tool.

1985 Virax creates its new welding, brazing, roofing range.

1997 Virax obtains ISO 9002 certification.

Nowadays is the brand Virax a symbol of high performance tools and quality, offering well-established products for plumbing, heating, airconditing and roofing tools. Virax desings, manufactures and sells its high performance tools in over 75 countries in world-wide.

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Price list VIRAX - Spring & Summer 2013

Price list VIRAX - Spring & Summer 2013
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