Zenten is a highly specialized manufacture for professional tools. They have a thorough exporting experience (95% of turnover). Their products represent the maximum quality available in this field. They look for specialisation; they create and build tools for those, who appreciate professional tools and are willing to know the origin of the tools they work with. The company pursuits excellence and innovation; design, manufacturing and service flexibility, in order to offer a highly differentiated product, setting itself apart from the rest of existing tools.

Zenten, founded in 1966 by Bernhard Groten, a native of Solingen (Germany), is located in the Spanish city of Irún, a strategic point in european communications. Thanks to the flexibility with which Zenten works, it offers the possibility of personalizing brand and product features, such as colour, packaging, etc. in all the range of products it manufactures. Among these products, we could mention the tube cutters, trimming knives, chalk lines and other tools for the plumbing industry.

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